About Us

About Us

Every business starts with a dream.  But at some point, it must transcend into a reality in order to effectively serve itself and it’s creator(s).  We are here to assist you in your understanding of just how to do that.  The fact that you are reading this means that you have an interest in learning more about what we do; so here is a brief but concise breakdown.

Lucrative Consulting, LLC is an innovative consulting firm that encompasses a more than moderate list of various consulting services.

Our scope includes, but is not limited to:

• Advertising strategy

• Architectural design

• Artist development

• Brand management

• Funding strategies for film/television projects, intellectual property, real estate ventures, corporate acquisitions, etc.

• Image consulting

• Interior design

• Literary publishing strategies

• Public Relations

• Content monetization of physical & digital art, and licensing/distribution strategies

• Content placement for soundtrack/score & commercial jingle work within mainstream film & television

• Product integration within mainstream television & film: ie. fashion brands, food/beverage outlets, mobile platforms, etc.


In the areas where project funding is concerned:

We have an ever-growing in-house pool of over 400 accredited investors that fund projects between the ranges of a few hundred thousand dollars to a few hundred million. These opportunities range from film slates to real estate development to commodities brokering (metals, coal, gas, crude oil, etc). Green energy projects are welcomed; and incidentally, a good amount of our investors welcome projects with humanitarian efforts.


We’re excited to learn more about how we can assist in your business development plans!

Email us here with any inquiries!

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