Samuel A. Peters III, PhD, ND | Quantum Research & Development

Samuel A. Peters III, PhD, ND | Quantum Research & Development



In 1972, the late Samuel A. Peters, Jr., a Chief Laboratory Technologist, laid the foundation for the research in T-cell Accelerator technology. Quantum Research & Development, Inc., has continued the research of this gifted visionary. An alternative medical device was developed on January 4, 2003, which we have called, the T-Cell Accelerator (TCA).  The TCA is beneficial to people suffering from neuropathy and other health conditions.

We are committed to providing quality nutritional supplements for better health. On February 6, 2003, Quantum Research & Development (QRD), set out to identify the cause of Renal Failure. After six years of research and testing, an herbal formulation was developed, which we named Kidney Restore.  Kidney Restore has several benefits which include: the cleansing of the blood, reduction of fluid build-up, lowering of the blood pressure, restoration of the body’s PH balance, improvement of kidney functioning, and the improvement of digestion. During this time our commitment has never wavered, to the contrary, it?s stronger now than ever!

Quantum Research & Development was founded by Samuel A. Peters III, PhD, ND.







The mission of Quantum Research & Development is to research, develop, design and market products, that will facilitate wellness and improve our client’s quality of life.


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