Investment Requests

Investment Requests

Here at Lucrative Consulting, we understand the need for financial support when it comes to your business endeavors.  No business is complete without the proper funding to propel your situation from the average struggle to the realm of success.  It is extremely important to be able to understand the different methods of attaining the proper funding for your business.  There are several routes that can be taken, so it is crucial to understand the different genres of investors, and how they may approach investing in your business.


We have an ever-growing in-house pool of over 400 accredited investors that fund projects between the ranges of several thousand dollars to several million dollars.  These opportunities range from film slates to real estate development to commodities brokering (metals, coal, gas, crude oil, etc).  Green energy projects are welcomed; and incidentally, a good amount of our investors welcome projects with humanitarian efforts.


  • Submissions are limited to professional investment proposals only (must include executive summary, proposed ROI (Return On Investment), brand logistics, timeline projections, budget breakdowns, revenue projections, etc.).
  • Submissions are being evaluated by viable investors whose interest in a project may not outlast the time it takes to revisit the idea.  For this reason, we don’t ever submit unfinished investment requests for actual funding.  If your business is a great idea, we can help guide you towards the sweet spot for your planning logistics, as we do offer very fairly priced consulting packages.  We can execute your investment proposal for you, if need be.


We’re excited to learn more about how we can assist in your business development plans!

Email us here with any inquiries!

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